The technology that was missing

The BBOX seismic monitoring system guarantees benefits that were not even imaginable previously, considerably reducing times to resume operations, and consequently the economic damage, in complete respect for personnel safety and the safety of the buildings themselves. BBOX is a cutting-edge solution in building behaviour studies. BBOX, made up of a set of sophisticated components, is able to respond to the uncertainties in the analysis and, where required, the restoration of a building after an earthquake.

A unique monitoring system

Earthquake proof = 100% safe?

Warning! A modern earthquake-proof structure is designed based on specific technical standards drafted to withstand any damage in the event of an earthquake (NTC 2008, Eurocodice 8). We must remember that even an “earthquake-proof” building, in the event of an earthquake, can suffer severe damage. Following a seismic event, Interstory Drift means that you can check the structural response of the building. In this area, the check is a fundamental aspect.

Interstory Drift

This is the indicator that allows the health of a building to be assessed after a seismic event. Interstory Drift indicates the relative shifting between the floors of the structure and can be obtained only by knowing the shifting of the base and the top of some predetermined columns. The measurement accuracy allows the damage status of a building to be calculated in an objective way.

The problem

It is impossible to perceive the “real” damage to a building solely with a visual inspection. In order to know the condition of the building following an earthquake, you must use real measured data.

... and the solution

Immediately having data collected by means of measurements allows the inspecting engineers to conduct precise structural inspections. BBOX is the system that allows engineers to understand a building's “real response” to a seismic event.