Thanks to BBOX, after an earthquake it is possible to:

Minimise production
down times
and the related losses
in turnover.
Resume operations
in complete safety.
Optimise the resources
for any restorations
Simplify and speed up
damage compensation
procedures with insurance

High technology to reduce the risks

The BBOX system is capable of accurately measuring the shifting of structural elements in a building following a seismic event. The BBOX technical core is made up of a network of accelerometric sensors positioned in the focal points of the building. The system allows precise measurements to be taken of the damage to the structure. With BBOX, you can assess the shifting of the monitored points, providing an accurate and complete overview. The number and location of the system sensors is determined following a specific design that takes into consideration the characteristics and geometry of the structure.


The BBOX system uses sophisticated, three-axis accelerometric sensors developed and patented specifically for the seismic monitoring system. These small sensors are applied to the structure's columns. Each one sends 3,000 pieces of data per second (1,000 for each axis) to the related acquisition unit.

Data acquisition

The data acquisition units, which can be connected to up to 8 accelerometric sensors, allow a significant volume of data to be managed (24,000 per second). The acquisition unit has removable mass storage where the data related to the seismic response of the structure are stored, as well as an Ethernet port which allows it to be connected to the company network. Programming/managing the data acquisition unit is facilitated by a touch screen system.

Operating status alerts

The monitoring system has a self-diagnostics feature that, in the unlikely event of technical faults with one or more components, send a text message alert to the mobile numbers indicated by the customer in charge of the system. In addition to this, the status of the components can be checked manually at any time using the acquisition unit's touch screen. The system has been designed to operate in emergency situations as well and, for this reason, has an uninterruptible power supply unit that can provide the necessary power in the event of a total electrical blackout.