Who we are

“The BBOX seismic monitoring system is a product of the strategic vision of Area Prefabbricati S.p.A., a leading industrial construction company which, with its designs and construction, is able to satisfy the needs of various orders coming from the production and distribution world, as well as the public sector. Area Prefabbricati has more than fifty years of experience in the industrial construction sector and it has always been attentive to the study of innovative products that can meet the needs of the market. Following the seismic events in 2012 that impacted the Emilia Romagna region, we established an extremely high profile scientific technology department to study the dynamics that affect buildings after seismic activity. Our research led to the design and creation of a seismic monitoring system based on a more innovative operating model than the instruments that have been available up to now. Therefore, BBOX was created, a technological system capable of providing measured data that allows the engineer in charge to conduct quick and “precise” assessments of the condition of the structure, thereby making it possible to resume operations more quickly than could have even been imagined previously. This allows us to drastically reduce the damage caused by operation down times. Distribution of the BBOX system has been entrusted to MO.SI, a company that was created specifically for the purpose.”